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His images throughout the book are stunningly alive with light.” Rick Darke (American Gardener review of American Meadow Garden)

Viewing your photography is like having a butterfly land on my hand. it allows me to examine nature in a fresh way that feels deeply privileged. bravo! – Debra Lee Baldwin


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These are exciting times to be a photographer, a publisher, a journalist, an artist. I find myself working on many projects at once, which I have come to call a Living Book.  It is a self directed path generally outside the realm of smart business: you can follow the project development for free right here.

I hope you find it interesting and informative but more than that, I hope you will support my work.  I have a very modest membership subscription with thank yous that begin with a handwritten note and includes access to a private Library.

PhotoBotanic is a publishing site for e-books, but these books are developed without any sort of publisher advance and are on the fringe of traditional publishing.  Some of the books I think are important – the Summer-Dry Project is designed to promote sustainable gardening practices, and the Photo Florilegium is a new process of botanic illustration.

I don’t expect all the ideas I explore, and all the article I write, will become incorporated into a book that I will sell.  I don’t know if the books will sell.  So I ask for your support.

Please join the mailing list, and comment on any article you find interesting, buy something in the Store, and if you can, support me with a paid subscription.

Membership comes with a few special perks but I hope you will think of it as a modest $5 a month magazine subscription to content you enjoy.  Subscribers will get a free copy of every new e-book while you are a member and the best discounts to all books.  You will receive a monthly newsletter summarizing, magazine style, all the recent articles with link to special membership Library and promotions.

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  • $50 per year – Comes with all three volumes of PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop e-books.

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“Some of my most cherished garden books are illustrated with Saxon Holt’s luscious and distinctive photographs. If you’re a follower, you’re already familiar with his down-to-earth, accessible teaching style. These Living Books offers a unique opportunity to learn photography techniques from the master himself!”  – Susan Morrison



“Award-winning expert Saxon Holt shares the mental and physical processes he uses to create riveting images in which every element is carefully considered and contributes to the story.”  Evelyn Hadden – Garden Rant.