Foggy Mornings

On winter mornings after rain, fog oozes from the earth. The cool air cannot hold all the moisture the ground wants to release, so it [...]

By |2018-01-23T17:17:13-08:00January 23, 2018|News|0 Comments

Sunshine or Shade

When I was first learning about gardening photography I quickly figured out I should never shoot in bright sunlight. The camera cannot hold details in [...]

By |2018-02-10T18:11:50-08:00September 6, 2017|News|2 Comments

A Brighter Sky

Whenever there is sky in the frame it is so easy to let the camera meter fool the photographer. The camera meter reads the entire [...]

By |2017-03-05T21:06:03-08:00March 5, 2017|News|0 Comments

Glowing Oak

Almost every day I take a morning walk with my dog, Kona in the Oak woodland’s around my house.  My back yard is Cherry Hill, [...]

By |2016-12-06T19:40:54-08:00December 6, 2016|News|0 Comments


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