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Sunshine or Shade

When I was first learning about gardening photography I quickly figured out I should never shoot in bright sunlight. The camera cannot hold details in the bright and dark areas at the same time, so the photographer must decide where,...

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Photo – Images captured by light
Botanic – the study of plants

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Retouching a Photo

How much photo retouching is acceptable? This is a question I consider every time I work on my photos on the computer in the post...

San Diego Botanic Garden

I have just posted a new gallery of photos from San Diego Botanic Garden. Botanic Gardens are the best places for gardeners to learn about...

Tallgrass Prairie Rhizosphere

I do not know the origin, nor can explain my fascination with grasslands. Perhaps it is some sort of primeval pull of human origin, in...

San Francisco Botanical Garden Workshop

The new garden photography workshops at San Francisco Botanical Garden include a visit with a sectional gardener to help us appreciate what we are seeing. The...

In The Garden

Better than Lawn

A gardener visiting Minnesota in the summer discovers a climate that revels in big beautiful native perennials.  The influences of the northern prairie can be seen in...

Tough Plants – Tough Climates

I try to treat every garden I visit with a sense of wonder, open to what it reveals, always looking for photographs to present...

Leading into Natives

Native plant gardens are often hard to photograph.  Many native gardeners care more about the plants and habitat than the aesthetics.  This is perfectly...

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