Some garden photography tips are timeless, some are a matter of knowing what to see, and others use the magic of the digital age.

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Aloe wickensii (Geelaalwyn) flowering succculent in Gerhard Bock garden with Agave americana mediopicta alba in front of Yucca rostrata'Saphire Skies' and yellow flowering Aloe 'Moonglow'

Seeing Shapes

Pityrogramma triangularis, Goldback Fern, or Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularis fronds unfolding in spring, California native plant in summer-dry garden

Paying Attention

Exploring an Oak

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December Photos

Autumn in Western Gardens

Traditionally autumn is illustrated with New England foliage but every gardener in every region knows a different aesthetic. In the West, with so many...

Autumn in California

I have heard it argued that California does not have autumn. In fact, I do like to think of California as having only three...

Summer-Dry Project – Book Release

After 3 years of working on this book, it is done, and just released in January, 2021. Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates from Timber Press is...

Public Gardens in the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic began as spring started, but spring was not cancelled - only humans needed to stop and think about our every move....

In The Garden

Better than Lawn

A gardener visiting Minnesota in the summer discovers a climate that revels in big beautiful native perennials.  The influences of the northern prairie can be seen in...

Tough Plants – Tough Climates

I try to treat every garden I visit with a sense of wonder, open to what it reveals, always looking for photographs to present...

Leading into Natives

Native plant gardens are often hard to photograph.  Many native gardeners care more about the plants and habitat than the aesthetics.  This is perfectly...

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