Photographers in Alaska

On the recent Pacific Horticulture Society tour of Alaska everybody was a photographer. The Botanical Alaska tour was organized through PacHort, and unlike many of our tours, instead of gardens, this one concentrated on natural areas and wildflowers. But like...

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SHRE – Grants for Horticulture Research

The Saratoga Horticultural Research Endowment (SHRE) gives sizable grants that foster the introduction of new and improved plant materials for California gardens and landscapes. The...

The Transplanted Gardener – Matthew Stephens

Matthew Stephens arrived in San Francisco from New York.  With a masters degree in Public Horticulture and years of planting literally a million trees...

A Green New Deal

Finally.  An actual plan to do something about climate change.  No, not the frightening, just released National Climate Assessment report. A Green New Deal is...

The O’Byrne Tapestry Garden

No garden has ever thrilled me more than the O'Byrne garden. The careful plant selection of textures and foliage combinations become tapestries, at first glance...

In The Garden

Sketches in John’s Garden

John Greenlee is known as the Grass Man.  His extensive knowledge of ornamental grasses and garden meadow making have led him to corporate commissions...

Better than Lawn

A gardener visiting Minnesota in the summer discovers a climate that revels in big beautiful native perennials.  The influences of the northern prairie can be seen in...

Tough Plants – Tough Climates

I try to treat every garden I visit with a sense of wonder, open to what it reveals, always looking for photographs to present...

Leading into Natives

Native plant gardens are often hard to photograph.  Many native gardeners care more about the plants and habitat than the aesthetics.  This is perfectly...

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