Good Garden Photography – Workshop E-Book #1


Good Garden Photography – Book 1 of the  4 part e-book series: The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop.

Awarded the Gold as Best Book Overall by Garden Writers Association for overall excellence in writing, photography, and design for garden book published in 2014.

Also available as lessons with comments to readers in The Garden Photography Workshop section of Living Books

Individual lessons available as iBooks.


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“Good Garden Photography is the first of a series of beautifully produced e-books in which this award-winning expert shares the mental and physical processes he uses to create riveting images in which every element is carefully considered and contributes to the story.” – Evelyn Hadden – Garden Rant

In Book 1 of the PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop e-books, garden photographer Saxon Holt begins this workshop series with lessons on “Good” Garden Photography.  Introduction.

Good photos are not only well composed, they use color and light effectively, reveal beauty, and tell a story.”  Taken from the lecture series and workshops, these bundled lessons are full of examples and how-to insight that will inspire garden photography students in their own work.


  1. Jack Winston

    Great introduction to the way a garden photographer needs to think about approaching the garden. I look forward to applying these ideas with the other books.

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