Contributors to PhotoBotanic have this special section of password protected content, personal tips from Saxon Holt of how certain photos were created, and quirky observations of gardens.

Assignment – Foliage

A garden photo is not simply a landscape photograph taken in a garden.  It should communicate something about gardening, something that enlarges the viewer’s understanding [...]

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Finding the Photo

Whenever I travel for a presentation I try to incorporate some local gardens into the show to better connect with the audience. My recent presentation in [...]

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Wending and Wind

Almost all gardens, all sizes, are designed with wending in mind.  Don’t you just love that Old English word “wending”  ?  So casual, carefree, and [...]

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Too Much Fun

It was spring. I knew my Ribes sanguineum was crying out to be photographed.  A siren song really.   She beckoned and seduced me away [...]

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