If you want to be a garden photographer you need to think like a gardener.  You are not just taking a picture of a landscape, you are photographing a garden.

This may seem obvious, but it is important to keep it in mind as you look at a scene and try to tell your story.  What is it about the scene in front of you that makes it a garden ?  What is it, within your own gardening experience, that you want to say and share ?  Remember, the camera always lies, and it is you the photographer that determines what the camera sees.

In this, the beginning of the third section of The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop, we are going to be working on developing your own style.  Style begins with understanding who you are and your strengths.  Start here: if you are reading this you love gardens.

holt_953_301_1500(c)3.1 – Design and Space

3.2 – Hardscape

3.3 – Weather, Moods, and Seasons

3.4 – Light

3.5 – Garden Themes

3.6-  Garden Plants