Good Garden Photography eBook cover

Any author who publishes a new book wants to arrange a book tour, and usually the publisher helps out with the planning and travel expenses.  Small books by small publishers have small, usually local tours.  New York Times best selling authors like Amy Stewart “get” to travel to 25 cities across the country in 30 days.

Since my new books are e-books, my publisher has arranged a blog tour.  I get to travel the country talking about my books without missing a flight or bad coffee in a motel breakfast nook. The publisher gets a break in the publicity budget.

But since the publisher is me and I don’t have a clue or the time to figure it out, I asked Katie Elzer Peters of The Garden of Words for help.  She has persuaded some of the best garden bloggers to let me talk to their audiences and give away books.

Beginning today and for the next week, I will be giving out photography tips and the bloggers will be giving away books to someone who comments on my guest post.  You have these six chances to get a free book yourself.


Red Penstemon, summer flower drought tolerant perennial in California garden

The Late Season Garden

September 9 – Dee Nash at Red Dirt Ramblings.  How to find photos in The Late Season Garden.  Dee is giving away Think Like A Gardener.

Sunlight scrim for harsh light for photographing Lilium humboldtii

Scrim for Death Star Light

September 10 – Pam Penick at Digging.  Pam wants me to give tips on how to work with Death Star Light (bright Texas sun) and will be giving away Good Garden Photography.

Frey Garden

Macro Photography

September 11 – Jenny Peterson at J Peterson Garden Design gets tips of macro photography and a reader will win Think Like A Gardener.

Roger's Red Grape vine lwaves autumn color

Roger’s Red Grape vine

September 14 – Genevieve Schmidt at North Coast Gardening.  The Leaves of Fall – making art photos with autumn leaf patterns.  Gen will feature Think Like A Camera.

Backlit flower head of Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus' in Chicago Botanic Garden

Photographing Grasses

September 15 – Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening.  How to Photograph Grasses featuring Think Like A Gardener.

Surise over habitat garden with pond at Los Angeles Natural History Museum

Good Garden Photography

September 16 – Evelyn Hadden at Garden Rant.  I get to rant about just what is a “good” garden photo, and a reader will win a copy of Good Garden Photography.



If you go to these sites and read all the tips and bookmark the sites properly, you will have your own book whether or not you win a free copy.  I think my publisher must be crazy to give  away all this free info.