_MG_3704_1024(c)Part of my yearly routine is the California Spring Trials, CAST, the flower industry annual show and tell.  The worlds biggest flower breeders get together at nurseries up and down California to display hundreds of thousands of flowers.  Here is a gallery from 2014.

I work for several clients during the week of the Trials but always find some time to see other exhibitors and shoot for the PhotoBotanic library.  One of my favorite stops is Thompson & Morgan and every year I seem to get amazing shots.  There is always new delicacies, such as this beautiful Cosmos, aptly named ‘White Cupcake’.


The Thompson & Morgan exhibit is hosted at Speedling Nursery where the greenhouse light offers diffuse, perfect studio light. There is just enough room between aisles of perfect flowers to get a low perspective and look up to the white plastic ceilings, creating perfect silhouette opportunities.

Here is Cosmos ‘Cosmix’ looking up – and looking down.

Before and After Slider

Perfect light, perfect flowers, perfectly fun.