David, the eBook designer, showed up with proofs for Book 2 today.  Since it is promised for January 21, it may seem like a tight deadline but we are in a new world of publishing.  I love it.


The next book is “Think Like A Camera” the second in the PhotoBotanic Workshop series, and since the lessons are already done, packaging them as an eBook is a “simple” matter of putting them together as one file and uploading to the Store.  Well, it is not quite that simple or all the Workshop books would already be on-line, but its been so crazy busy just getting the site to launch that I haven’t had time to get everything done.

But it’s OK.  Nothing is ever done and sometimes we just need to go with what we’ve got and work things out on the fly.

One of the ongoing decisions about moving the on-line lessons to an ebook is how to show the images in the fixed page layout of a book.  On-line, the posts have no page breaks, and I can even put two photos on top of each other, such as this one from the lesson on leading lines.

Move Slider to see Leading Lines


Works great here, but in the book the photos have to be side by side or on top of each other, and text has to fit on the one page too.  It’s a fun problem to solve and since I am the self-publisher I get to make all the decisions – and all the mistakes.

I am trying to learn to keep moving and not dwell on every detail, if mistakes are made we will learn from them.  The whole idea here, with this self publishing, is to keep doing new work, keep packaging the best as eBooks, and keep exploring new ideas.  The Learning Center allows me to pursue multiple tracks toward multiple books, 4 per year is the goal.

So, I can’t waste too much time worrying about any one ebook, I want to spend time with the photography and writing. David is going to be busy.