holt_2015_0306.CR2Isn’t it just grand when spring just slaps us in the face and says “Looky here” ?  Every day now new wonders are appearing and we just need to go out into the garden to see them.

As I strolled through my back garden the other day, a bright spot of yellow caught my eye – Mule Ears, Wyethia glabra, a native  perennial wildflower.

Yes those yellow spots are the Mule Ears, named for the long loopy leaves; and they are tucked up against an Oak tree, calling out, posing for a picture.


One of my ongoing themes in teaching garden photography is “Finding the Photo”, how to compose the photo that you know is somewhere in a scene.  Don’t snap the first photo you see.

Often you need to get closer, but sometimes you just need to compose the photo with intent.  I like seeing the lone flower in the dormant garden, so I made a very wide shot, from a very low angle, putting the spot of yellow in the very bottom corner.


Always try to use the four edges of the camera viewfinder to frame the scene. Come in as close as you need to fill the frame.  If the flower alone is the story, keep coming in.


For these flowers I sensed there might be a nice vertical.

Before and After Slider

A PhotoBotanic extraction in progress….