By popular demand, I have created gift certificates for the e-books.

dummy - Gift Coupon

Sample Gift Certificate for e-books


The way it works is for you to purchase one of the e-books in the Store – but don’t actually download it. Make an ‘Order Note’ at checkout and I will then send you a certificate with a coupon code on it that you can give away.  Your recipient then orders the book for free with the gift code coupon. Please note, it may take a day or two for me to send you the gift certificate.  

I will be able to tell in the control panel of the site, in your e-mail form, that a book was ordered but not downloaded, but still be sure to use the ‘Order Notes’ so I can send you that gift coupon as soon as possible.


I will be trying to figure out a more automatic system for gift certificates, but for the moment I will trust that you do not download the book for yourself – and you will trust that I will send the gift certificate once you pay for it.


Good Garden Photography eBook cover

Three Workshop books available to download

If you have a discount coupon code (and all members should have one), it still applies to gift purchases – your recipient will never know….