Good Garden PhotographyLet’s begin the Workshop.  Garden photography lessons with Saxon Holt, a professional garden photographer for 30 years.  Saxon has published more than 20 “traditional” books full of “good”, often award winning photographs and teach workshops throughout the United States.

The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop is divided into four Sections, released here by subscription, and as a series of 4 e-books, each with 6 lessons full of photos from various publishing projects, explaining the thinking behind the photos.   Each lesson is the subject of a workshop dedicated to an aspect of photography that is designed for the special challenges of garden photography.  While any landscape photographer can learn from these workshops, those that love and appreciate gardens will get the most from these lessons.

In this first Section Good Garden Photography, “good” photos are not only well composed, they use color and light effectively, reveal beauty, and they tell a story.  Let’s begin.

All photos in these workshop lessons are available as prints or stock photos through our Archive.