holt_1049_400.CR2My friend Nora is helping me on The Summer-Dry Project, an effort to expand the photo database at summer-dry.com.  We want to enlarge the efforts begun in the book, Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates.  The best way to encourage gardeners to use water wise plants is to show them in beautiful gardens.

So she is writing an article for the new website and needs a picture of a Joshua Tree, a grand California native succulent for which Joshua Tree National Park is named in the Mohave Desert.  This gives me an excuse to review pictures in my files I never entered into my database.

Every photographer I know has unfinished files, images captured from various personal shoots that never got past saving them in the computer.  The post-production work, all the work making it publication quality, is time consuming.  Other deadlines come, and old photos drop down on the To Do list.

So thanks Nora, for giving me the excuse to pull out these photos and get them into the Archive.  As soon as I realized the Joshua trees (Yucca breviflora) were also hardy succulents, I added one to my on-line gallery.

Not many gardeners can grow a Joshua tree in a garden, but there are plenty of hardy succulents that are adapted to gardens – with a little care and a good book for reference.  I just so happen have one of my own to recommend –  Hardy Succulents.