Phyllostachys vivax cold hardy timber bamboo at Quarryhill Botanical Garden

Quarryhill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen, California is a gem of a garden.  It is home to one of the largest collections of scientifically documented, wild-source Asian plants in North America and Europe, many of which represent ancestors of horticultural favorites found throughout the western world – and now they are planning a photo contest with prizes.

The garden is currently celebrating a magnifiscent sculpture installation by Bruce Johnson and one of the prizes will be one of his small sculptures.  Photographers are encouraged to include the sculpture in their garden photos.

I will be presenting an afternoon workshop March 7 to help photographers understand what they are seeing and how to make a garden photograph worthy of a competition. The theme will be Composition and Balance taken from the the first eBook Good Garden PhotographyRegistration and  Details

I have visited QuarryHill since its earliest years when I lived in Sonoma Valley.  It is appropriate that the cover of my second eBook Think Like a Camera was taken at Quarry Hill

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