Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is one of the premier public gardens of native plants in the country, with a collection of California native plants in a stunning setting around its renowned wildflower meadow, complete with views of the Santa Ynez Mountains.

While it has a strong focus on research and conservation, it is the horticulture that makes this botanic garden so useful and, indeed, important to any home gardener in California’s summer-dry climate.

Not only is the garden designed to showcase the varied habitats and ecosystems of the entire state, where each section artfully displays the plants, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has numerous display gardens designed for the residential  gardener.

California native plant wildflower mixed border with flowering shrubs and perennials, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

A new gallery in the Archive is intended to show those parts of the garden that will inspire any gardener who wants to use California native plants in water wise sustainable gardens.

Wildflowers in home demonstration garden with poppies, Mimulus and Erigeron, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden