holt_1111_151.CR2I just loaded a new gallery into my gardens gallery, a beautiful sustainable garden in Albuquerque, New Mexico designed by Judith Philips. As is often the case when I only visit a garden one time, I see it better the longer I stay.

This photo of Stachys byzantina was the last one I took before the bright sun forced me to pack it in, providing me the rush of satisfaction that keeps me going back into gardens with my camera.  In one way, I saw the photo coming, as I explain in a Workshop Tip in the Learning Center.  I knew the light the backyard of this small lot would be in a bit of shade in the late morning, while the front was in bright light as soon as the sun came up.


Dawn in Albuquerque, Zambrano Garden

The photo of the two silver plants came together after realizing how the beautiful the Ephedra was by itself and that it was big enough to fill the frame behind some other plant – if only there were another subject nearby…

I invite you to come into the Learning Center to see more and a Before/After sequence of first photographing the silver Ephedra equisetina, then realizing it was a fantastic background to the Lamb’s Ear – two silver plants fill the frame.