I’m working on a new  e-book: The PhotoBotanic Guide to Photographing Roses, and the first chapter, Working in the Garden, is found in Living Books

Wide garden border with bi-color red rose Large-Flowered Climbing Rose (Rosa ) 'Fourth of July'

Path through country garden with roses.

I am writing this guide to roses at a suggestion from friends in the American Rose Society who know that in all of their major meetings the photography component needs an upgrade.

And I do love roses. I have photographed eight books over the years and think I have learned a few things about the Queen of flowers. The book will cover garden photography in the landscape using all the techniques I have already written in The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop e-books but, of course, will only show rose pictures. This chapter now posted in the Learning Center is chapter One.

Pink flowering Meilland rose; 'Pierre De Ronsard' aka 'Eden' on fence in California country garden

Consider the garden background, here – ‘Eden’ rose.

The book will also include sections about photographing garden bouquets, how I work in the studio, macro photography, and several of my special techniques using photo stacking and PhotoBotanic extractions – which are akin to making illustrations.


Rambling Rose ‘Apple Blossom’ – detail of PhotoBotanic illustrate,

And of course, I will talk about light. I have some new examples to show about finding good light as well as creating your own light. Sometimes it’s as simple as waiting for the light to become soft as in these two picture.

Before and After Slider


I am having a blast going through my files re-purposing many of my old rose photographs, bring them to life, and sharing how they became photographs. It’s also a blast to have this PhotoBotanic platform to quickly put together an e-book and publish.

I appreciate your support.