What photographer doesn’t like hunting for photos ?  The process of looking, eyes alert to possibilities is exactly where the creative juices start flowing.

meadow design Larry Weiner

Stay alert whenever the elements of a composition begin to come together.

So it was while walking a huge meadow garden created by Larry Weiner in Connecticut and saw the white trunks of these aspen at the edge of the meadow.  The strong vertical shapes, lit by the late afternoon sun, drew me to consider what was really going on.

It’s a meadow; and meadows exist naturally at the fringes of forests.  The romantic call of the meadow is from within the forest looking out, so I went in to look back.  Whenever I am in a garden and find a strong composition I go into that composition and look back.  Well this is a garden. Why should I have to remind myself to look for this point of view?

Once inside it was a quick adjustment to the light to realize I only needed to overexpose the meter’s interpretation of the light:

Before and After Slider

Now it’s the story I wanted to tell:  I love being in a meadow in the late afternoon.

Point of View is Lesson 4 in Think Like A Camera and is available as it is own mini lesson for $1.99 in iTunes or Google Play.