Clematis 'Niobi' photographed with camera phone showing red shift

Clematis ‘Niobi’ photographed with camera phone showing red shift

I photographed this Clematis ‘Niobi’ in my garden with my cell phone for my Instagram feed and was aghast when I saw the color.  It is supposed to be purple !

So when I got out my “real” camera and logged the photo into my catalog, I was sure to get the color right on my calibrated monitor.  I even went back and forth into the garden to check – it’s a tough color to get right.

I call it purple, but when you think of the color purple, what comes to mind ?

After I posted the corrected photo to a plant group on Facebook, a friend immediately called it magenta, suggesting it is too reddish to call purple. So, just for grins, I altered the photo to make it more purple.  Are these both still purple?

Before and After Slider

There are 50 shades of every color and I have learned flowers change color from one day to the next, the color shifts depending on the light and the surrounding foliage, and of course, every device that displays a color image has different settings.  So it is nearly impossible to get exact color but it’s my business to get flower color correct for my clients.

The real problem is finding the right word to describe it.