How to Photograph Roses

The PhotoBotanic Guide to Photographing Roses is finally published ! Coming from thirty years of garden photography and eight rose books, distilled here in 92 pages [...]

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Flower Photo Focal Point

Camellia sasanqua flowering shrubs, ‘Kanjiro’ (fore) and ‘Yuletide’ with background of Gingko leaves yellow fall color Every autumn when my Camellia sasanqua shrubs [...]

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Photo Florilegium

Taken from the Latin “flos”, (flower) and “legere” (to gather) a Florilegium is a literally a gathering of flowers, though the botanic illustrations in Florilegia (plural [...]

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The New Rose Book

I’m working on a new  e-book: The PhotoBotanic Guide to Photographing Roses, and the first chapter, Working in the Garden, is found in Living Books [...]

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Cosmos Point of View

Shooting inside a greenhouse gives a photographer nearly perfect conditions.  The frosted windows give exquisite light, the walls keep the breezes at bay, and the [...]

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