Coreopsis 'Limerock Ruby' Tickseed, perennial flower

When I dig back deep into my files I find photos I had totally forgotten.  I went looking for Coreopsis recently and found ‘Limerock Ruby’ a sensation when it was introduced in 2001.

It was discovered by Limerock Plant Farms in Lincoln, Rhode Island, a random cross-pollination of unidentified selections of Coreopsis rosea and C. verticillata, and is deep ruby color uncommon in the daisy-like coreopsis.

When I saw the slide in my old files it grabbed my attention.  This is a coreopsis ?!  This color ?  I went on the web to see other examples and realized my photo was wrong.  Of course every internet site is variable and every flower photographs a bit differently in different climates and time of day, but my photo was not ruby.

Before and After Slider

With Photoshop photographers can make anything to be any color.  The camera interprets color differently than our eyes (see The Ageratum Affect) so is up to garden photographers to get it right.  Not having seen this flower for 14 years meant turning to the internet.

Even more sensational.  I hope my publisher uses it….