oil paint photoshop filter sreenshot
oil paint photoshop filter screenshot

Section 4 of The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshops.

Both the digital camera and the computer are tools best learned with practice and experience. The more we know about our tools the easier they are to use and to do our work. In this section we will cover classic camera functions as well as digital controls and settings. There are lessons on post production – the work done in the computer “post” or after shooting, as well as special effects and sharing.

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4.1 – Camera Basics

4.2 – Lens optics and perspective

4.3 – Macro and Close-up Photography

4.4 – Computer post production editing and storage

4.5 – Special effects with computer tools and filters

4.6 – Sharing, slides shows, resources


  1. A few year a ago you explained to me why you were not proceeding with the computer unit but I keep checking to see if you have changed your mind. The concept of Photobotanic was to me all about the power of software. It is what linked me to your web site, it was what caused me to pay to be a member under your original business plan and it is what gets me to return. Advice on how to take good pictures is a stimulating reminder but what I like best are the insites on how you create a “wow image” while sitting in front of your computer. This is the reason I bought your book on rose photography and why I keep looking for other essays that are computer or technology based.


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