PhotoBotanic is my e-book publishing brand and I am pushing out, the way any publisher should – I’m now on Amazon.


In an effort to get Good Garden Photography into a wider audience, it is now an e-book on Amazon in a PDF format that can be read with Kindle Reader, Amazon’s e-reader software that is independent of the Kindle device, so that any fully illustrated book that is found on Amazon can be read on any device.

I hope any of you reading this who want to buy the book will purchase it directly here rather than Amazon as I get full proceeds, but I must recognize some people are more comfortable with buying on Amazon than on other sites and might never buy directly here.

Good Garden Photography eBook cover with gold

I am also hoping by announcing it on Amazon, some of you will go make a review there. It helps a lot to have reviews, to help folks who would otherwise have no idea about the book to find it and understand what it’s about. So this is a not-so-subtle request for your support, and actually I wouldn’t mind a review here on my own site if you are uncomfortable going to Amazon. I just now realized there are no reviews here on PhotoBotanic and my webmaster set it up for just this function. Hint, hint…

Overall, do know this self-publishing site is somewhat of an experiment and I value all comments and input. I love what I do, but I’m still learning the best ways to communicate, and appreciate feedback. Thanks for your support.


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