I am well into writing the new rose book, with a catchy title of the PhotoBotanic Guide to Photographing Roses and offer this tip for finding a background when photographing a single, hero rose.

Hybrid tea rose 'Paradise' photographed in front of dark container

Hybrid tea rose ‘Paradise’ photographed in front of dark container

I am using the title hero rose using the word “hero” to designate that single wonderful specimen of a flower that becomes the subject of the photograph. You need to find a way to isolate that hero rose against a background.

When working in a garden, that can sometimes be hard to do, with all the distractions that can creep in.

It was particularly tough when photographing this hybrid tea rose, ‘Paradise’ on a bright day when I was photographing a book about All American roses and needed to find this rose while working on a tight deadline.

Hybrid tea rose 'Paradise' in Saccani backyard patio garden

I did find a beautiful specimen, a hero, but it was in the middle of a backyard garden in the middle of a sunny day.

I was able to use a scrim to soften the light but could not soften the light over the whole garden, so I found a background of the dark container across the patio. Using my tripod to center the flower I was able to isolate it so that all the attention is on the rose opening this post.

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