The making of a final photo – Gingko and Camellia

I am restarting popular garden blogger’s photo contest on Gardening Gone Wild, where I have blogged for 7 years.  The idea is to link together various participating bloggers to see how each handles the contest assignment.

January is a great time to review last year’s work and properly file things away before the onslaught of a new season.  For me, it is an excuse to look back at my own favorite photos, which I did on my personal blog on my own site at saxonholt.com.

I think I am like a lot of artists whose favorite work is that which is just competed.  Indeed, I sometimes cringe looking back at old work, and even feel embarrassed when some well meaning fan praises work from deep in my past.

My favorite photo of the year was the heavily manipulated photo that will become the cover of my fourth book, Camera and Computer.  I explained how this photo evolved in a post in the Learning Center as I explored what the photo could become.


This past year was a big one for me.  I got this site completed.  I can find a home for every photo I shot and want to show.  Here’s to 2015.  I hope you will follow along to see what’s new.