on broccoli leaves_2015_0515.CR2I awoke in the night to the smell of rain.  I am sure it was the smell rather than the gentle sound I heard on the roof and deck outside the bedroom door.  Fresh, fresh, fresh.    Ahhh….

I couldn’t wait to get out and see the garden, breath rich air, walk dust free paths, and share the moment with happy plants. June rain in California is as rare as, well … rain in June.  A treat to be savored.  We had barely a trace, but a measurable trace and everything counts in this drought year.  Per the new water regulations, I will not be able to water for 48 hours.  Gladly.

It has not rained enough to see puddles anywhere – except on my broccoli plants.

Spring rain drops on broccoli leaves in California garden

The leaves shed the drops and little jewels accumulate in the ribs and folds.  Tiny water storage devices.

Spring rain drops on broccoli leaves in California garden



  1. Saxon, Hope you shook those drops off into the soil before they evaporated! As you said “everything counts”. Struggling with the same drought here in Mill Valley – not very successfully yet I’m afraid.


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