I have just posted a new gallery of photos from San Diego Botanic Garden.

Phoenix roebelenii var. reasoneri (Reasoneri Palm) at San Diego Botanic Garden

Botanic Gardens are the best places for gardeners to learn about plants that will do well in their area, and I try to have garden photos that can help all gardeners in summer-dry climates – so, I needed to get to San Diego.

I am always excited to be working in Botanic Gardens.  Not only are the plants healthy, mature, and well labeled, they are usually much more unusual that one finds in typical gardens. And then there is whimsy.

Undersea Garden with succulents by Jeff Moore at San Diego Botanic Garden

The Undersea Garden created by Jeff Moore nearly 20 year sago is as wonderful as ever, with fresh “fish” still swimming through.

And then there are the mariachi musician sculptures, covered with succulents, entertaining through out the Mexican Garden

Whimsical Mexican sculptures with succulents at San Diego Botanic Garden

A quick tip on photographing in the bright Southern California sun – expose for the shadows and create a bright photo.

Before and After Slider

Here I open the shadows in post production and warmed the temperature to salvage a shot I once would never have taken.  Digital photography has made it possible to take garden photos in the sun !  Of course in California the sun is bright as soon as it rises and these photos were taken about one hour after sun up before the shadows get too deep.

Agonis flexuosa (Peppermint Tree) on right at San Diego Botanic Garden

Don’t think you can get away with garden photography any time near the middle of the day.