The Rule of Thirds almost always comes up in composition workshops.  It is a “rule” that a pleasant  balance comes when organizing a composition into two unequal shapes (1/3 and 2/3), creating some subtle interest and tension.

I used this idea of unequal balance when deciding how to frame this meadow buffer in a lakeside garden.

Connecticut meadow garden with native wildflowers; Larry Weiner Design

As soon as I approached the lake I knew there was a special photo to be had by isolating the meadow against the lake.

Before and After Slider

Giving the meadow some extra room tells more of the story of the lake and gives a much more interesting composition than if the edge between the water and shore were in the center.  The weight of the photo is almost exactly 1/3 and 2/3.

Balance is important to any composition, and Composition and Balance is lesson two in the first ebook, Good Garden Photography; and is available as its own little iBook for $1.99 in iTunes or Google Play.