I always use a tripod for my professional work.  Not only does a good tripod allow a rock steady camera for sharp photos and good depth of field, it forces me to think carefully about composition.Woodland mulched path through naturalistic Virginia garden with spring Rhododendrons; Boninti

The point of view of the tripod, its exact location relative to all the elements in the photo, should be carefully considered.  If you are going to all the trouble of using a tripod, use it carefully.

In this wonderful spring woodland garden in Virginia, note all the vertical elements of the trees.  In deciding where to put the tripod I first considered at the relative gaps between the trees and then noticed the birdhouses. I surely want to see them !

Before and After Slider

Moving the tripod about 12 inches makes all the difference in the point of view.  Carefully looking at the scene with the camera in a fixed spot you will study what the camera is actually seeing, and can decide whether or not it is telling the whole story.