Like no other plant in my garden, the Tupelo tree (Nyssa sylvatica) captures my eye for abstract expressionism.

Nyssa sylvatica, Tupelo tree: autumn foliage color in California garden.

In autumn its leaves turn wonderfully orange and red, dropping off in irregular patterns.  Or is it irregular ?  I watch it every year transfixed by the colors and the spaces between them.  There are patterns and rhythms undulating in those leaves hanging off the weeping branches.

They exploded this year as I let my eyes go.

Before and After Slider


These images need to be large, huge prints on a wall.  I will keep working on them, adjusting the saturation and hues, trying different filter techniques, refining the brush stokes built into the tools of Topaz Labs.

Work or play ?  Just a need to show what I see.  The captured image is only the starting point…..

I itch to break the limits of photography.  Nature provides the color, the details are unimportant.


Tupelo Tapestry - Glowing Leaves

Tupleo Tapestry – Glowing Leaves from 2013.  Prints available in my Fine Art America store